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Abissínia Menu

The pleasure of eating with all 5 senses

Following Ethiopian tradition, all menus ordered per table are served together on a single platter made for sharing and come with salad and injera (Ethiopian crepe-like bread).

presentación de plato etíope combinado

Combos – 17,50€/person*

Choose one from the following 7 options:

*Includes one drink + dessert (or coffee/tea).




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Dorowot Saba

Dorowot, Alecha, Kosta

circulo rojo

Segawot Menelik

Segawot, Alecha, Tikelgomen

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Menchetabesh, Alecha, Kosta

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Tebs Abissinico


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Meserkek, Alecha, Kosta

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Aterkek, Tikelgomen, Duba.

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Soyawot, Alecha, Kosta

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First time at an Ethiopian restaurant?

First time at an Ethiopian restaurant?

Monta tu bandeja degustación con 10 platos del día.

Create your own tasting menu of 10 daily specials and decide which flavors will become your favorite.

*Drink not included. Minimum 2 people.

Abissínia 2020 Premium Menu – 20€/person*

Add a drink and dessert (or tea/coffee) to your tasting menu of 10 daily specials.

*Minimum 2 people.

presentación de plato etíope

Menu of Ethiopian dishes

What do you fancy today?


Segawot (beef)

Tender sliced steak over a bed of caramelized onion and tomato, slow simmered so it will melt in your mouth and leave a delicious sweet and spicy taste from the 22 Ethiopian spices in its berbere sauce.

How many can you identify?

Dorowot (chicken)

Delicious traditional Ethiopian dish of Abissínia-style lean chicken, hard-boiled egg, onion stewed with tomato, a touch of housemade cheese and mild spices for the most discerning palate.

The Queen of Sheba won the heart of Solomon with this dish. How can you not try it?

Menchetabesh (beef)

Juicy ground beef, delicately cooked on a bed of golden onions and fresh tomatoes combined with berbere, a blend of 22 Ethiopian spices that brings this dish its spicy flavor, both intense and addictive.

The hard part will be leaving some for everyone else.

Tebs (beef)

Beef strips marinated Abissínia style and lightly sautéed in an Ethiopian wok (bretmetad) with butter, caramelized onion, pepper and a touch of rosemary.

And original and irresistible version of one of the most common dishes in Ethiopia.

platos con carne


Meserkek (lentils)

The vegetarian dish our clients most often ask for seconds: red lentils lovingly simmered in a base of onion, tomato, garlic and EVOO along with the special ingredient that makes them irresistible: berbere, a spicy housemade blend of 22 Ethiopian spices.

Soyawot (soy)

Flavorful stew of texturized soy and caramelized onion with a touch of intense heat thanks to the jalapeño included in the 22 Ethiopian spices of the berbere, also know as “Ethiopian curry.”

Aterkek (yellow split peas)

Creamy stew of slow cooked skinless yellow split peas over a bed of simmering golden leeks and seasoned with garlic, ginger and a dash of turmeric.

Alecha (carrot)

Exquisite vegetable stew made from carrots lightly sautéed with caramelized onion and tender diced potatoes seasoned with garlic, ginger and a touch of sweet turmeric.

Duba (pumpkin)

Pumpkin slow stewed for hours on a bed of sautéed leeks, garlic, ginger and turmeric makes this dish the sweetest on the menu.

Tikelgomen (cabbage)

Delicate strips of cabbage cooked over a simmering sauté of golden brown onions, tender carrot slices, garlic, ginger and a sprinkle of cloves.

Kosta (chard)

Fresh chard lovingly slow stewed on a bed of caramelized onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric, and a touch of cardamom to retain its texture and nutritional properties.

platos con vegetales


Salata (salad)

Refreshing salad of lettuce, peeled seasonal tomatoes and ripe avocado lightly dressed with extra virgin olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Injera (bread)

Light Ethiopian crepe-like bread made from water, sourdough, and fermented wheat flour to produce a fine and spongy texture.

Housemade cheese

Creamy cheese made right in our kitchen from fresh cow’s milk, Ethiopian spices and a surprising touch of lime.

platos con acompañaminetos

Specials dishes

Ask about availability and reserve 24 hours in advance.

Ketfo (beef)

Juicy beef of the finest quality minced by hand, served rare or lightly sautéed, and marinated in a blend of butter and Ethiopian spices, most notably, black pepper and the unique korarima, the cardamom of Ethiopia.

Selsi (veggie)

Hearty stew typical of northern Ethiopia made from caramelized onion and tomato with our berbere spice blend and a touch of basil.

Shiro (veggie)

Delicious skinless chickpea puree blended with a juicy sauté of tomato, onion and up to 20 different spices to create the most popular dish in kitchens across Ethiopia.

platos de kefto

Tough to choose just one?

Come to Abissínia and try them all

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