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The restaurant

Enjoy a different dish in every pinch
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Open our door and step into Ethiopia

This is exactly what you feel when you enter Abissínia:

  • Small wooden benches await you around the traditional Ethiopian table, the mesob.
  • The scent of coffee, spices and freshly burned incense provides a warm embrace.
  • And out comes Rahel with a smile to welcome you to her home, her culture, her family.

But the best comes shortly afterwards, when your dish arrives.

Feeds body and soul

The secret of traditional Ethiopian cuisine

platos preparados

Is it the ingredients?

Fresh, local products slow cooked for over 6 hours.

Your meal is always hot and ready to be served.

Feeling hungry right now? Get your fix at Abissínia.

platos preparados con carne

Is it the spices?

More than 30 natural spices prepared in traditional Ethiopian style.

It’s the only way to experience a balanced dish with all 5 tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and spicy.

The end result? A unique combination in each bite.

gente comiendo

Is it the connection?

Eating with your hands allows you to be present. 

You can feel the food, its texture, its heat, right before you savor it. Put your phone aside and connect with the moment.

It’s finger-licking good. Literally.

Cúrcuma, koramina, berbere…

What’s your favorite blend of Ethiopian spices?

Reserve your table and find out

A 360º journey to Abissínia

Once upon a time there was an Ethiopian girl named Rahel.

Rahel traveled thousands of kilometers as a flight attendant.

This is how she got to know other cultures and visit all kinds of restaurants.

Exotic or local, pricey or inexpensive, fast food or slow food. 

But… sustainable? 

—How can it be sustainable to throw out paper tablecloths after just one use? Or wash and change the cloth ones in between clients?— Rahel asked herself. 

—And what’s the point of using so many plates and utensils? Don’t they realize this causes pollution and wastes water, energy and detergent?

That is when Rahel would think about the dishes her mother used to make in Ethiopia.

  • The intense flavor you get from combining up to 30 different natural spices.
  • The simplicity and the bond that a shared dish creates around the table.
  • The ability to see, smell and feel each food before tasting it.

And now, it was time to make a change in Barcelona, her new city.

She started with friends.

Sometimes she cooked at her home, sometimes she cooked at theirs.

And when she outgrew those private kitchens, along came Abissínia.

For more than 15 years, this restaurant hidden among the neighborhood streets of Gràcia has become her true home.

The place where cooking becomes an experience. 

Where you allow yourself to disconnect from the noise to reconnect with your body, your roots, your emotions.


Take a breath

Come to Abissínia and leave your stress at the door

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